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How to Fix the End tag/start Tag Error in MS Word

This tutorial explains how to fix the end tag error message in Word.

Here’s the error message:

The name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag.

This error is related to oMath tags. There are several ways to fix this but let’s look at the symptoms first.

How to Add Commands to MS Word Toolbar

Instead of using field codes to add filenames and file paths to your document, you can setup Word so that it displays these in the toolbar. You can then add these links to any page in an open document. Right-click on the toolbar. Select Customize and then the Commands tab. Scroll down the Categories list […]

How to Fix MS Word Startup Problems

Over the years Microsoft Word has crashed on me several times. What’s interesting is that the error message I get tend to vary but the result it always the same – I can’t get Word to start. Here are some common error messages, the reason why they appear, and what you can do to re-start […]