[How To] Print the Body text before Header and Footers

Want to print out the body text before the headers and footers in Microsoft Word?

1. Go to Tools, Options and then select the Compatibility tab.

Word 2003 Printing Tip, how to print the Body text before the header and footers

2. Select the ‘Print body text before headers footers’ checkbox

Print body text before header/footer:

This option prints the main text layer before the Header/Footer layer, which allows for the process of PostScript codes in the text layer, the same way that Word 5.x for the Macintosh does.

(This functionality is the reverse of the default order.)

This is found in the Compatibility options that are available in the Options dialog box in Microsoft Word.

Note: To change the Compatibility options, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Compatibility tab.

“This option permits you to change the formatting rules that Word uses to display and to print the current document. You can select sets of options to match the behavior of a previous version of Word or another word processing program from the dropdown list, or to make a custom selection of the individual options listed later in this article. The compatibility options will be saved with the Word document. Compatibility options control only the way that the document is laid out by Word. They do not convert the document to another word processor format or change its structure.”