[Video] How do I create Endnotes in MS Word documents?

An endnote is a type of note added to the end of a document which contain reference information about the quoted material.

Endnotes appear at the end of the document. A number or symbol on the matches up with a reference mark in the document. MS Word uses a number or symbol to associate the note with a reference point in the document

How To – Insert endnotes in MS Word

  1. Click where you want to reference to the footnote or endnote.
  2. On the References tab, select Insert Endnote.
  3. Enter what you want in the endnote.
  4. To return to your place in the document, double-click the number or symbol at the beginning of the note.

Use endnotes when you want to keep the reader focussed on the text, so they don’t get distracted. At the same time, endnotes allow you to gather references in one place that the reader can consult when they wish.

So, let’s look at how to create an endnote, format it, change the font and layout, and overcome issues that arise when adding them to your documents.

[Video] How do I create Endnotes in MS Word documents?