How To Count the Number of Words in Footnotes

Yesterday, we showed you how to count the number of words in your documents. To do this, we used Microsoft Word’s Word Count tool to count the text.

But, how about if you want to go a bit deeper and count the number of words in footers, headers, or footnotes?

Where is the Word Counter?

This word count tool is built into Microsoft Word but you may have it turned off on your menu settings. I did!

To turn it back on:

  • Click Tools
  • Click Customize
  • Select Word Count from the list of items

word-count-microsoft-wordNow, you’re ready to count the number of words in your Marketing Plan, Technical Documents, or User Guide. And if you’re a freelance writer or make a living working online, it’s ideal as you can see how many words you’ve written and how many more you need to make your page count!

How To Count Footnotes And Endnotes

You can also include footnotes and endnotes in the count.

microsoft-word-word-count-footnotesIf you want to count part of a document rather than the entire document, Word can count the footnotes or endnotes that refer to the selected text.

To do this, select the Include Footnotes and Endnotes option.

How To Count Blocks of Text

You can also select multiple sections of text to count. Sections do not have to be next to each other.

How many words do you think are in this article?

What tools do you use to count the number of words you’ve written?