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Why does text disappear when I type?

Have you ever started to type and then see your words starting to delete the sentence in front of them? Usually when you type in the middle of a sentence, Word inserts the new letters between the existing words – it pushes them to the right of the page as you type. However… sometimes Word […]

How to Write a Report?

To succeed as a report writer, you need to appreciate the mindset of your readers. Report writing is very specific. It’s there to help people make decisions. When you understand this, your approach to writing repots becomes much simpler. Instead of writing reams and reams of pages, you focus on the reader’s needs. Report writing […]

Evaluating Proposals

I was asked recently how to evaluate a proposal that had been sent to over 200 bidders. The Proposal Writer was thinking of developing a checklist and using this to score the bids. While this does make some sense, in reality such as checklist should have been prepared long before the RFP was published. Writing proposals […]

How to Scope Project Size

One of the classic mistakes novice writers make is to start writing without looking at the overall picture. Planning the scope of your project is key to its overall successful.  So, before you start writing, identify everything involved in the development of the project. By the way, this applies to any type of project, whether […]

Creating a New Style

To create a new style, follow these steps:  From the Format menu, choose Style and Formatting, and then click New Style.  In the Name box, enter a name for the style, for example, Paragraph Text.  In the Style type box, choose Paragraph. In the Style Based on box, select No Style. If you base it […]

Page numbers appears as { PAGE }

If you open Word and find that the table of contents, page numbers, and other such information has changed to { PAGE } and { TIME } etc, then don’t despair. Here’s what to do:  Choose Options on the Tools menu, then click the View tab.  Uncheck the Field Codes checkbox. 

Why do MS Word docs get larger every time they’re saved?

The Fast Save feature in Word saves both the original version of your document and ALL the changes you’ve made to it. So even though you may have deleted text and graphics—as long as Fast Save is turned on—the file will get larger and larger as it keeps recording every change you’ve made to the […]

How to Stop Word from Opening Every Document Separately?

This feature is hard-wired into Word. So, though you can’t directly stop it, i.e. through the menu options, we have some macros that work around it.  Macro to Update all Fields in a Document The code is as follows:   Sub UpdateAll()    Dim oStory As Range    Dim oField As Field    On Error […]