3 Ways to Avoid Corrupting Microsoft Word Documents


Here are three reasons why Word documents become corrupted.

1. Round-tripping

One of the main causes of document corruption is when a document is converted from one format to another and back repeatedly. Word to RTF to Word or Word to Excel and back into Word.

This is called round-tripping. It gives Word a nervous breakdown. Avoid Round-tripping at all cost!

If not, your chances of document corruption increase greatly – it is no longer if the document will corrupt, it’s when.

2. Copying from Disks/CDs/Flash Disks

Another common cause of document corruption is storing, accessing, and saving a file from CD or flash drive. A CD is useful for transporting files, but once you are ready to work on the file again, be sure to save the file to your computer’s hard drive.

3. Word Macro Virus

Another sign that will appear to be indicative of corruption can actually be the result of infection by a macro virus. A macro virus works like a conventional computer virus, but takes advantage of Word’s structure and functionality to replicate and trigger when certain events occur.

Many macro viruses are only nuisances and don’t cause any damage, but some can be quite dangerous.