If you need to write  technical documents, and are looking for Microsoft Word templates to get started, then download these documents to help your writers.

When you order this set of templates you get the following Audience Analysis, Data Sheet, Documentation Plan, Error Message, Fact Sheet, FAQ, Installation Plan, Quick Start, ReadMe, Release Notes, Setup Guide, Sys Admin, Troubleshooting, User Guide included in the download.

Technical Writing Templates

Use these Technical Writing templates (233 pages MS Word) to write technical documents faster, save time on formatting, provide a consistent standard across your publications, and ensure that your company delivers professionally looking documents to your customers. Scroll down to see what’s inside!

This Technical Writing template pack includes the following documents.

Audience Analysis

Use this 30 page template to define all aspects of your target audience. This template helps you focus your writing by identifying the pain points, needs, and requirements of your target readers. This serves as a foundation for all subsequent sales and marketing documents.

Data Sheet

This 2 page template helps you create a professional looking data sheet in minutes. It covers all the critical areas you need to document when developing software, hardware and sales data sheets. You can use this when building your marketing kit, preparing for trade shows, and sharing with prospective clients.

Documentation Plan

If you plan to write a large set of documents, then this 7 page Documentation Plan template will help you identify the deliverables, estimate the page count, schedule writers, and keep the project within budget. This serves as project plan for your document creation activities.

Error Message Guide

Use this 14 page template to create an Error Message guide for you software products. This template includes sample text to get you started and suggested headings, chapters, and numbering systems to help your writers get started faster.

Fact Sheet

This 2 page Fact Sheet template is ideal if you want a short document that captures the key points about a new software, hardware or solution offering. You can use the template to create a Fact Sheet in minutes and then share it with clients, prospects and publish it on your site.

FAQ Guide

You can reduce calls to your Technical Support Department by publishing a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that answer the most common queries from customers. You can also include this in your technical documentation pack when handing over software to a new client.

Installation Plan

After you have developed an application, it makes sense to create an Installation Plan (22 pages Microsoft Word) that shows your customers how to install the software. You can use this template to describe the steps to do this and make sure that customers can install your product with minimal fuss and frustration. This also reduces the pressure of support departments and other business units.

Product Document Plan

If your software product is quite complex and comes with detailed technical document, then use this Product Document Plan to identify, itemize, and track all the document versions used in this release. This helps end users, system administrators, and others refer to the correct document when installing, troubleshooting, or operating software.

Quick Start Guide

This 14 page template helps users get started faster with your product. Some users don’t want to read through the user guide but prefer to get started immediately (and then read the user guide). This template will help you write a Quick Start Guide that achieves this goal and documents the essential steps in a slim, easy to understand document.

ReadMe Template

This Read Me template helps you capture the critical points you want to flag to users before they use the application. Typically, the Read Me file will be short, direct and actionable. Use this 2 page template to get started.

Release Notes

This very detailed 17 page Release Notes template cover all items that need to be included in each software release. It helps your writers by providing a framework for each set of Release Notes and ensures continuity between each publication.

Setup Guide

You can use this Setup Guide template (29 pages) to describe how to setup software, hardware or other devices, such as a mobile application. This template includes all the main steps involved in setting up software and helps your writers get this written faster as they simply need to fill in the blanks.

Sys Admin Guide

System Administrators can use this 35 page Microsoft Word template to document the most important tasks that need to be monitored, serviced, tracked and controlled. The template provides tips and guidelines on setting up your first Sys Admin Guide with sample text for each section.

Troubleshooting Guide

Every software product comes with a list of known issues. You can reduce calls to your technical support centre by helping users troubleshoot your product and resolve the most common issues that arise. This 12 page template gives your writers a framework to document these issues quickly.

User Guide

The User Guide is probably the most important document for customers. We’ve created four different user guide templates (some for internal, others for external use), so you can choose the one that works best for you. This User Guide template pack also includes sample guidelines and instructions on how to write the user manual.