We’ve been running our network of websites for 19 years. Here are some of the kind words we’ve received from our customers. Once again, many thanks to you all. We’re in business for 10 years now and it’s your support that has kept us going.


Thank you, it is pleasant and refreshing to find a company with such a sense of customer service, I cannot remember when I have seen such service.when I first ordered, I have to admit that I was skeptical as to the final results, but am pleased to report that I am 200% satisfied with your service and quick responses. I will use this service in the future and recommend it to many others.

Best Wishes




Thank you for going the extra mile and making it work in my “outdated” Excel program!

If you need a testimonial for your website, I’ll gladly write one up.  I so appreciate your kindness, persistence and patience.

Suzanne, Virginia


Excellent materials here Ivan.

I have now purchased 3 different documents. They are very simple to understand, well laid out and very well written. Thank you for saving me weeks, if not months of frustration.

Dan Faubion

Advnt Biotechnologies

Phoenix, Arizona 85027


Thank you for your prompt response.

If you would like to have a reference. you can quote me.

Top professional templates and excellent customer service


Frederick Tsang


Dear Ivan,

I received your test template and like it very much!

Thank you.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Folkert, Germany


Thanks so much for your help Ivan!

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Hi Ivan, thank you so much.

I am blown away with the promptness of your response. I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon. Thanks again.



Thanks so much Ivan. I really appreciate it. I will definitly keep you in mind for future purchases.

Thanks again,



yes, i did receive them, thanks much!  you have great docs, i’m sure i’ll be back to your website.



Thanks Ivan. Rare to find such service online. Really appreciate it.




Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the quick response. The documents meet my business need beautifully.




I’d just like to compliment, how much I really like the quality of your work (the frameworks are very structured and clear) and it is very convenient to use as well.

Once again, thank you so much.


Cherry, Australia


Hi Ivan,

Kudos to you for going the extra steps for me read your files and be able to utilize them.

Sincerely A Happy Customer!



Wow. I did receive the templates. I went ahead a purchased again. Great work on the templates.  These are great products.



Thanks so much for your quick reply.  They do work for me.  You’re the best!



Hi Ivan,

Your documents are excellent. I have bought a few of them myself. Truly professional.

With best regards,




Dear Ivan,

Marvelous job you’ve done by posting this small tip on your website.

It worked after all possible software I used to repair my word file.

I feel very much grateful for your help.

Thank you very much.





Thank you so much Ivan! Two days in and you fix my problem in twenty minutes. Will look to your site for ALL future help, you just don’t know how much this helped. Safe travels, and thanks again.



Thanks so much!! You’re article on recovering a word document saved my life!

You’re invaluable!





Thanks for the quick response, I look forward to using the templates.

Best Regards




The templates have been a huge help in my current project. I appreciate your quick response.

Thank you & have a wonderful day!



Thanks again. Great templates by the way!



My friend, you are a lifesaver!  You ought to charge for this advice.



Hi, Ivan,

This is a fan mail!

I just used your convert-to-HTML-and-back-to-Word again trick to reduce an 82 MB (yup, 82 MB) bloated Word file into a decently behaved, normal 3 MB Word file! IT WORKED!


As an experiment, I went ahead and just converted the bloated doc without copying and pasting any graphics (there are too many to even think about). I made copies of copies at every juncture so that no actual files were harmed in the process. I could not believe my eyes when I converted back to a Word doc—and all the screenshots and graphics stayed exactly as they were—I was expecting a mess. In fact, everything looks just the same. Only difference is I can now leap around the doc with ease—I feel like I am flying. I could kiss you!

Thanks much,

Carolyn (*o*)/


Hi there,

To cut a long story short, I decided that as I wasn’t progressing as I should, I would need to email myself the document and work on it at home.  It was at this point I discovered that my MSWord File was 72MB.  (Yes, 72MB!!!).  I found your article on the web and “Hey Presto!”; 72MB reduced down to 797 KB!

THANK YOU!  I can now actually work on my document without having to wait every minute for my laptop to respond!

The article which helped me is “How to Quickly Reduce Microsoft Word File Size – Secret #2”

Thanks again and Best Regards,

Jim Mooney


Hi Ivan

Many thanks for that solution, I should have seen that myself! I think the templates were good value for money therefore I am happy. I will come back to you for more templates however I think it only fair I pay for them.

Thanks again and good luck with your template venture.

Many Regards



Just want to tell you what a wonderful tip you had there! My husband thought that his 12 hours of work seemed to have gone down the drain, until we found your site:


A million thanks! Please keep up the good work!

Nancy Lee


To Whom It May Concern-

I recently started a career in technical documentation. I came from PR background, needless to say I have had a lot to learn. Your site had helped me tremendously in all the different styles of writing I do. Keep up the good work and thank you!


Michael E. Acosta



THANK YOU for having this tip posted to the web.  I just had a file blow up to 53Mb in size, and nothing I tried was working.  I did your trick, and after resaving as .doc the file was only 510kb.  Some difference, huh?

In my case, I suspect the culprit may have been tables, though the contents of the tables were all text.  I was having a problem with format changes to small blocks of text echoing throughout the document, and when I thwarted that little pest the file size started skyrocketing.

David Craft


Hello Ivan,

thanks a lot. This is what I was looking for




Thank you again for great products and service.



Your promptness and problem resolution are a credit to you and your firm.

Roy Zimmerhans



I did receive the documentation.  Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you with feedback.

The information is excellent.  It is exactly what I was looking for, what I was in need of.

Thank you so much for the product.



Hi Ivan

Allow me to say that this is a fantsastic job you are doing. This is second to none. I only wish this templates exists in french.

As you will notice I have purchased many of your templates. You have done the hardest part of the job for all those consultant and project managers. Any newbie consultant (pardon the over enthusiasm) can start a job today with those great template.

Well done in every respect. I will buy more!


The Netherlands


Hi Evan!

Thanks so much for the Action Plan. Awsome plan that made my job so much easier!  Thanks so much.



Hi Ivan,

Thanks Ivan at least that is clarified.  I’m really thankful that you have offered your work for sale it has made an overwhelming process easy for me, heart felt thank you.

Kind Regards

Catherine, Australia