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How to Turn On (and Off ) MS Word Automatic Language Settings

How do you turn on (or off) MS Word’s Automatic Language Settings? If you’re writing with more than one language in a document, Microsoft Word can automatically detect each language type as you write. Automatic Language Settings – Turn On To setup this feature: Click Tools, Language, and then Set Language. Select the Detect language automatically […]

[How To] Delete Crop Marks in MS Word 2003 / 2007

Crop marks are markers that appear in the top left and right of your Microsoft Word documents.
These are called ‘crop marks’. To remove these, you have to disable Asian language support.
This often appear after you open a file which has an Asian language setting; Microsoft Office might activate this setting to display embedded fonts. It’s just trying to be helpful. The thing is: how do you remove it? When you open a document in Microsoft Word, margin marks or crop marks may appear on each corner of the page.