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How to Use MS Word for Proofreading (with examples and guidelines)

If you plan to write business or technical documents, it helps to know how to proofread the document before you send it out. We’ve all seen that one typo that undermines the quality of the writer. It suggests they may have rushed the material or didn’t pay enough attention when revising the text.

How to automatically format hyphens as en dashes and em dashes

Learn how to automatically format hyphens as en dashes and em dashes.

By using AutoFormat, you can quickly apply formatting such as headings, bulleted and numbered lists, borders, numbers, symbols, and fractions to your text.

You can automatically format a document either as you type or after you’ve written it. In both cases, you can control which automatic changes Word makes. You can also turn off automatic formatting.

How to Hide the Header on the First Page of a Word document

Follow these instructions to hide the header on the first page of your Word document. MS Word – How to Hide the Header on the First Page Change header from the first page Double-click the first page header or footer area. Check Different First Page to see if it’s selected. If not: Select Different First […]

How to Sort Text, Dates, Numbers and Tables in MS Word

MS Word allows you to sort data in different ways. For example, you can sort a list of text in ascending or descending order to make it more readable. You can also sort other types of data, such as numbers, dates, and even data inside tables. Here’s how to do it. Video Tutorial How to […]

Force MS Word Spellchecker to Accept ‘Non-US Spellings’

There are two problems with the spellchecker in Microsoft Word. One is that it struggles to accept words which are not in its dictionary, even when it appears you’ve asked it to accept this word. The second is that, in some documents, you may need to use several languages. For example, if you need to […]