How Word 2010 will be different than Word 2007

Microsoft has published an introduction to how Word 2010 will work. Interesting concepts here for technical writers and others who use Word for document creation.

Microsoft Word 2010, Document Control and Form...
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Microsoft starts by saying that:

  • In the past, individuals worked on relatively simple, local documents, from their office.
  • Today, it is common for groups to work on rich, shared documents, from anywhere.

With this in mind, it has focused Word 2010 on improving document collaboration, graphics, and navigation.

It also plans to take this one step further and put Word into the browser and onto mobile phones.

“With Word 2010, you can co-author right within Word. You don’t need to hassle with email attachments, or documents with names like TSP_final_2_reallyFinal_FINAL.docx. Instead, just open your document, and start co-authoring. You can see who else is working with you, and where they are editing.”

Read about Word 2010 from 30,000 Feet:

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3 thoughts on “How Word 2010 will be different than Word 2007

  1. jeux r4 ds says:

    This looks really sleek and elegant. Great stuff. What kind of setup is needed to make this work? Is it enough for each editor to use Word 2010? Or is Share Point needed……….

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