[How To] Change the Default List of Documents in MS Word


Let’s say you want to change how Word 2007 list its different options. You can change the way Word displays these options and specify document settings such as editing, printing, spelling and grammar, and change tracking in the Options dialog box.

Here’s how it works:

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. Click the tab you want

3. Select the option you want.

For information about specific options, click a link in the following list.

You can specify settings for a variety of Microsoft Word features by selecting options in the Options dialog box. The availability of some options depends on the languages that are installed and enabled for editing.

  • Change options such as showing the task pane (View tab)
  • Change options such as opening in reading layout view (General tab)
  • Change editing options (Edit tab)
  • Change print options (Print tab)
  • Change options such as Prompt to save Normal template (Save tab)
  • Change sharing and security options such as setting a file password (Security tab)
  • Change Asian language character and spacing options (Asian Typography tab)
  • Change locations for saving files (File Locations tab)
  • Change Japanese language options (Japanese Find tab)
  • Change options such as showing diacritics (Complex Scripts tab)
  • Change spelling and grammar checking options (Spelling & Grammar tab)
  • Change options for revision marks and balloons (Track Changes tab)
  • Change the name, initials, and mailing address that Word uses (User Information tab)
  • Change options such as font substitutions (Compatibility tab)

Tip:  Click the Help button on the Options dialog box title bar.