PDF Editor for AEC Industry

PDF Revu 7.0 I is designed to improve PDF creation, markup and editing in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Options for PDF Creation

It offers PDF creation with plug-ins for Microsoft Office, AutoCAD and SolidWorks applications and its PDF printer to convert to PDF from any Windows file.

Other features include Batch for Office, Scan to PDF, and native image conversion.

Batch for Office allows users to quickly create PDFs from Word, Excel and PowerPoint files while Scan to PDF and native image conversion eliminate unnecessary steps when converting various images.

Faster Document Review

In addition, it now comes with spell check and PDF flags to make it easier to review PDF documents. Spell check identifies and suggests changes for misspelled words found in markups, form fields and PDF content.

Dictionaries can be imported to use with spell check for languages other than English.

Bluebeam’s PDF flag serves as a virtual sticky flag, placing visual markers on PDFs to designate signature lines or other important content.

More Markup Tools for AEC

With Bluebeam the focus is on the AEC industry with the development of hatch patterns, arcs and curve markups, and improved stamp options.

Users can select from a list of hatch patterns included in Revu to fill in markups or takeoffs, create and save custom hatches, and import AutoCAD .pat files into Revu.

AEC professionals can now redline PDF drawings with the arc tool and create custom text stamps with the revised stamp editor. The measurement tool also incorporates curves technology for more accurate area, perimeter and volume calculations.

Better PDF Distribution

Finally, PDF Revu 7.0 provides file sharing options to significantly reduce the need to print and ship documents.

The Reduce File Size feature gives users more control over PDF compression by estimating the new file size and including an interface to adjust settings such as PDF version, image resolution and embedded fonts.

Bluebeam also supports PDF packages for organizing multiple files and file types into a single package for archiving or delivering documents to clients. Quick Security uses security profiles to secure sensitive documents with one click while a new batch security feature allows users to apply security to multiple PDFs simultaneously.