[How To] Update Your MS Word Toolbar

You can personalize your Microsoft Word toolbar so that it displays the commands you use most frequently. Instead of having to slog through the menus every time, add what you want to the toolbar. Oh yeah, delete the stuff you don’t need otherwise you’ll run out of space. 

To add a command to your toolbar: 

  1. From the Tools menu, click Customize, and then the Commands tab.
  2. In the Categories box, find the category you want. 
  3. In the Commands box, find the command you want. In this example, I choose AutoShapes and then Rectangle.
  4. Drag the button (i.e. Rectangle) onto the toolbar.  

    Note: If you can’t find the command you want, click All Commands.  To delete commands form the toolbar, click the right-hand corner of the toolbar. This expands and displays the option to Add or Remove Buttons. Drill-down and deselect those you don’t want.