[How To] View Documents in Full Screen in MS Word


Want to view your documents in full screen so you can read them better? ┬áHere’s how you can use the full-screen mode in MS Word to review your documents.

After all, it can be difficult when reading technical documents on a small screen if you have to keep fighting your way through toolbars, menu bars and other distractions. Instead, you can change to Full Screen and focus on the text only.

[How To] View Documents in Full Screen in MS Word

Here’s how to do it:

  1. From the View menu, click Full Screen.view-documents-in-full-screen.JPG

    This changes the screen to full screen mode. A small Full Screen toolbar floats over the text.

  2. Click Close Full Screen to return to the normal view.

FYI: you can also drag this toolbar to the side of the screen, for example, onto the right margin area where it stays locked in place until you exit the screen.

Tip: If you use Full Screen quite often, you might want to set it up on your toolbar so you can open it with just one click.