2 Ways to Reduce Large MS Word Documents


Question:  I have a very large Word document with many large bitmaps.

However, even when I delete the bitmaps, and reinsert a number of smaller images, the file size remains the same as when the bitmaps were in the document.

How can I reduce the file size?

Answer:  Use Save As, which wipes out the ‘document history’ information and should reduce your file size significantly.

If that doesn’t help, select the text and copy it into a blank Word document.

But here’s the trick – when you select the text, click on the very first word (starting point) and then go to the very last letter but DON’T select any text after the full stop!

The invisible text after the full stop contains the ‘hidden code’, for the use of a better word, that will bloat your document if you copy it.

So, make sure you copy up to the last fullstop – but not any further. Needless to say, don’t Select All and copy everything into a new page.