[How to Fix] MERGEFORMAT Error if Inserted using CTRL+F9


Do you get an error if you use * MERGEFORMAT and insert using CTRL+F9?

Here’s the problem: If you use the Ribbon to insert a field, it works fine. BUT if you use CTRL+F9 to insert the brackets and then type the field code it displays the following error message:

“Error! Too many picture switches defined.”

Maybe if you are using the * MERGEFORMAT switch you think it’s that. But, I’ve tested it and it makes no difference.

A second approach as to repair the Office installation (Programs & Features, Microsoft Office, Change in the Windows Control Panel). This didn’t fix it.


So, what’s the answer?

Look at the following screenshot. See the check box. Turn OFF this checkbox.

The * MERGEFORMAT switch is only inserted if you leave the ‘Preserve formatting during updates’ option checked.

Once you do this. the error goes away.