How to Update (and remove) Metadata in MS Word documents


MS Word creates Metadata in a variety of ways. As a result, there is no single method to remove all such content from your documents. The following sections describe areas where metadata may be saved in Word documents.

Whenever you create, open, or save a Word document, it creates metadata. Metadata is used for a variety of purposes to enhance the editing, viewing, filing, and retrieval of Office documents.

Here are some examples of metadata that may be stored in your documents:

  • Your name
  • Your initials
  • Your company or organization name
  • The name of your computer
  • The name of the network server or hard disk where you saved the document
  • Other file properties and summary information
  • Non-visible portions of embedded OLE objects
  • The names of previous document authors
  • Document revisions
  • Document versions
  • Template information
  • Hidden text
  • Comments