How To Take a Perfect Screenshot & Avoid Cropping the Screen Capture Image?

You want to take a screenshot of something and not have to fix it when you’re finished.

Screenshots can be tricky if the window, dialog box, or application floats over the main screen. Instead of taking a screenshots of the entire window, you can automatically take only the most active window.

Here’s my favorite trick when taking Print Screens. Some people call these screenshots or screen dumps.

Tip: The print screen button (PrintScrn) is next to F12 on your keyboard.

1. To take a screenshot, press PrintScrn.

2. Open Word and Paste (Edit, Paste) the screenshot into your document.

This is fine if you’re capturing the entire screen.

But what do happens if you’re using an application, such as SAP, with multiple floating screens?

You don’t want to capture all these screens floating over each other. It looks terrible and too much work to fix in Paint.

So, how do you capture the active ‘floating’ screen only? Is there a quick way to avoid editing the entire screen?

Here’s the trick!

Hold down ALT and then press PrintScrn.

This captures the active screen only. This trick can save you many hours editing and tidying up images.