7 Steps to Better Technical Writing

Technical Writing is not difficult when you know where and how to start. So, when you write a technical document, consider the following 7 points:


  1. Glossary – make a glossary, even for a half dozen words.
  2. Definitions – create a list of definitions and acronyms. Always explain what the acronym means when it’s first encountered.
    Use bold for the definition or acronym to make it easy to find it again.
  3. Analogy – provide a comparison or analogy.
  4. Graphics – Provide graphics to illustrate the object in question, how it is assembled, or how it is used by operatives.
  5. Replace general, abstract, and needlessly objective words with more concrete, specific, and simpler words.
  6. Break long sentences into shorter sentences.
  7. Use terminology consistently.

These points are not meant to be all-inclusive. However, if you are new to tech writing, this should put you on the right road.