How to Copy and Paste from Web into MS Word without Crashing

word-iconHas your computer crashed when you tried to copy and paste text from a website into a Word document?

This happens when the webpage has lots of underlying HTML code that Word tries to digest when importing the content.

Even though you might only want the raw text, Word will try to import the JavaScript, images, links, and other code, crashing the PC in the process. The way to get around this is to tell Word that you want only the text and nothing else. Here’s how it works:

To do this, use the under-used ‘Paste Special’ feature in Word.

1. Select the text on the web page.

2. Switch to Word.

From the Edit menu, click Paste Special.

3. Choose one of the following:

Unformatted Text if you simply want to add the text (without any formatting) to your Word document or

HTML Format if you want to retain the web page’s content.

how to convert web text into ms word

4. Click OK.

This imports the text from the web page, which you can now format to your heart’s content.

Of the two options, Unformatted text is the best if you just want the text.

This rarely crashes the PC and will let you continue your work.

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