How to Convert MS Word to MediaWiki Markup


This s a Word Visual Basic macro. Usage requires Microsoft Word that supports Visual Basic macros  (Word 97+).

  • Replaces smart quotes/double-quotes with dumb equivalents
  • Escapes the following characters: * # { } [ ] ~ ^^ | '
  • Converts external hyperlinks
  • Converts H1-H5 headings
  • Converts bold/italic/underline/strikethrough/superscript/subscript formatting
  • Converts bulleted/numbered lists
  • Converts simple tables.
  • No guarantees, no official support, just like the
  • No in-document hyperlink conversion
  • May not work well with documents that have highly customized styles/templates. It works best with documents written in the default “Normal” template
  • Nested tables have not been tested and may not function as expected.
  • Image/graphics/figures are not supported.
  1. Download the Word2MediaWiki macro library
  2. Start Word
  3. Bring up the Visual Basic Editor (Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor or Alt+F11).
  4. From the VBE, import the macro library (File->Import File…) and select the file you downloaded.
  1. Open a word document to convert
  2. Run the Word2MediaWiki macro by bringing up the Macros dialog (Tools->Macro->Macros… or Alt+F8), selecting Word2MediaWiki and clicking Run.
  3. The macro converts the document to MediaWiki markup and places a copy of the content on the system clipboard.
  4. Switch to a MediaWiki editor and paste the result.