How much do Technical Writers earn?

How much can I make as a Technical Writer? I get asked this question by students considering moving into this field or tech writers who want to compare their earnings with their peers.

To put potential career earnings into perspective, oDesk reports that freelance writing jobs, including technical writing, business writing, and article writing, have become part of the growing demand for online jobs.

Canadians are paid the highest, earning an average of $13.68/hour. US writers, charge an average of $11.31/hour. These writers work at home and set their own rates and hours. highlights that “Technical Writer salaries for job postings nationwide are 5% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.”

Average Salary of Technical Writers

Business Analyst $74,000

Documentation Specialist $59,000

Junior Technical Writer $46,000

Programmer Writer $76,000

Request For Proposal Writer $59,000

Senior Technical Writer $77,000

Technical Writer $61,000

Technical Writer Contract $68,000

Technical Writer Editor $60,000 has provided us with these salary figures.