Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio templates – Download for free

free Word templates

Klariti has released some very nice Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio templates that you can download for free.

These templates can be used in the office, at home, and in school. File formats include Word, Visio and Excel.

FYI: You can download more templates at its templates shop.

This has templates for Software Development, White Papers, Case Studies, Proposals, Software Testing, SOPs and other templates you mind find useful.

Templates include Business Process, change Requests, Design Change forms, Expense Claim forms, site visit reports, QA templates, progress reports, style guides, resume update forms.

 Take a look over here:


Business Process Template   [PDF]
Business Process Roadmap 101   [PDF]
Business Process Flow Diagram [Visio] Vertical
Business Process Flow Diagram [Visio] Horizontal
Business Approval Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Change Request Form New Microsoft Word Template  [MS Word] [PDF]
Contract Review Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Design Change Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Design Review Checklist  [MS Word] [PDF]
Expenses Claim Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Fax Template  [MS Word] [PDF]
Functional Model Review  [MS Word] [PDF]
Installation Completion Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Meeting Agenda Template  [MS Word] [PDF]
Meeting Minutes Template  [MS Word] [PDF]
Progress Report New Microsoft Word Template  [MS Word] [PDF]
Proposal Plan Meeting  [MS Word] [PDF]
Resume Update Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Site Visit Report  [MS Word] [PDF]
Style Guidelines for White Papers  [MS Word] [PDF]
System Acceptance Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Test Record  [MS Word] [PDF]
Training Course Evaluation Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
Version Control Site History Record  [MS Word] [PDF]