Opening Word Specific File Formats

MS Office LiveQ: I created Word files using a trial version of Word 2007. The trial period has expired and now I can’t open the files. Is there a way to open the files without having to buy the complete edition?


It depends on the file format you saved them in. If you saved them as .doc files, you should be able to open them with MS Word.

However, if you used one of the Word-specific formats, I’d ask a friend to download the trial version, open the files and then resave them as .doc files.

You can also take a look at MS Office Live

This lets you:

  • Access Word files from almost any computer with a Web browser
  • Avoid having to use flash drives or sending yourself documents via e-mail
  • Stop manually merging versions from multiple people
  • Open and save files directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint