Forcing the Spell Checker to Accept Non-US Spellings

Question: A friend told me that Word 2003 accepts standardize and standardise as correct spellings in the same document. He wants to avoid the American spellings as his doc is going to a UK company.

Answer: If you look at Word ‘under the hood’ you’ll see that it is made up of different sections. Each of these sections can have a different dictionary applied to it!

So, if you wanted, you could have 5 chapters, each with a different dictionary setting.

Most people dont want this.

However, you may have accidentally changed you docs language settings when you cut and paste from another document with a different langauge setting that your own.

To fix this:

1. Select the entire document. Ctrl + A does this.

2. Click the Langauge option. 

3. Select the langauge you want, for example, UK English.

4. Click OK and make it the default if you want ALL documents you write to be in this language.