How To Write The Case Study in Five Days

An in-depth tutorial is beyond the scope of this newsletter, but the main points are:

  1. Show the client examples of high-quality case studies. They don’t even have to be yours. But you need to paint a picture so they understand what you’ll need from them to make this work.
  2. Ask them what they like, dislike, things that stands out, and color schemes they enjoy. If they have company templates use them, otherwise build new templates in the same style of what you’ve shown them.
  3. Agree on the technology (or service) the client wants to demonstrate. This should be very clear. If you can’t agree on this, stop.  
  4. Get a list of customers who’re willing to provide endorsements. Don’t expect them to write compelling 20 word quotes. That’s your job. Write these quotes and send it to them. Get the approval and re-write where necessary. Recycle the unused quotes for other publications – let nothing go to waste.

Tip – always keep you eyes peeled for examples of great writing. Copy any quotes you find on brochures, magazines, and websites into a resource file. Use this for inspiration when you need to keep things fresh. 

  1. Get the Project Sponsor (i.e. the person who hired you) to gather screenshots, company logos, tech specs, datasheets etc. You’ll need these for the glossy PDF.
  2. Start interviewing people. Ask them: what was the problem, how was it solved, and what difference it has made. Ask specific questions and you’ll get specific answers. Have your list of questions ready before you call them. Don’t make it up on the fly.
  3. Compile the facts, statistics, and market research. This gives your case study more weight.
  4. Send it out for review. Good, bad or indifference. It doesn’t matter, but you have to get feedback! Refine the material and then publish it. Never send out a publication without getting another person to check it first.
  5. Send a PDF of the Case Study to every person who helped you with a thank you note (and business card) enclosed. Thank them for their efforts and encourage them to publish it on their website.

Tip: Remember this is an opportunity for you to generate more leads by demonstrating your professionalism. Contact everyone in person by phone – not email – and confirm that they got the PDF.
If you want, tell them how great it looks when printed and ask if you can send over a hard-copy. In this way, get your nice, shiny case study onto their desk!
Generate enthusiasm. Share whatever positive feedback you’ve received from journalists, partners, and customers. You want them to feel that their business must also have a case study. And who’s going to write it for them?