How To Remove The Web Toolbar?

There are two options here. 
The first is to turn it off for the document that’s currently open while the second is to completely blast it so it never appears in Word again, unless you restore it for some reason.

– To remove it from the current document:

  1. Go to Tools, Macros, and select the Visual Basic Editor. 
  2. Enter the following code: 

    Private Sub Document Close ()
              On Error Resume Next
                            Application.CommandBars (“Web”).Enabled = True
                On Error Go To 0
    End SubPrivate Sub Document Open ()
                On Error Resume Next
                            Application.CommandBars (“Web”).Enabled = False
                On Error Go To 0
    End Sub

  3. Run the macro. 

Tip: You can also go to View, Toolbars, and deselect Web.

– To remove it completely from Word:
This blasts it from Word, unless you decide to turn it back on later.
Tip: Should you ever want to, you can reactivate the web toolbar, by opening the macro and changing Enabled = False to Enabled = True. This tells Word to ‘enable’ the web toolbar, in other words, turn it on.
Sub DisableWeb()
            CommandBars(“Web”).Enabled = False
End Sub