How to prepare for Interviews

  1. Make an appointment with the person. It’s rude to show up and expect them to give you their time.
  2. Confirm the person’s availability.
  3. Forward the agenda in advance.
    Tip: don’t assume that the Line Manager has briefed the interviewee in advance. Confirm this with them, preferable by phone.
  4. Try to avoid email if possible. Start building relationships as soon as possible.
  5. Learn a little about the person before the interview.
  6. Check that they have read any material you sent them BEFORE the meeting. Some will avoid this hoping that you’ll cancel the session. “I didn’t get time to read this, so I can’t answer your question.” “Was I really meant to read it all?”
  7. Check that you will have access to the IT system BEFORE the meeting starts.
  8. Write your questions down before the interview.