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How to Remove Personal Information If MS Word Is Connected to Networks

If you are logged on to a network, your network user name may appear in the Author edit box on the Summary tab and in the Last saved by field on the Statistics tab, when you save a document. This can occur even if you have removed all other personal information from your computer. To […]

How to Remove Personal Information From MS Word

To clear summary information from an existing document or template, follow these steps: Open the document. On the File menu, click Properties. On the Summary tab, clear the Author, Manager, Company, and any other boxes. On the Custom tab, delete any properties that contain information. When you are finished, click OK and save the document. […]

Where Do I Find Summary Information in MS Word docs?

Summary information is usually saved when you create a Word document. There are several methods you can use to view this information: Open the document. On the File menu, click Properties. The Summary, Statistics, Contents, and Custom tabs may all contain various properties such as your name, your manager’s name, and your company name. In […]

How to Remove Your User Name from Your Documents

To remove your name from a document, follow these steps: Click Options on the Tools menu. Select the User Information tab. The following edit boxes appear: Name Initials Mailing Address If you do not want any of this information to appear in your documents, enter spaces or dummy text in the boxes, and then click […]

How to Minimize Metadata in Microsoft Word 2000 Documents

This article explains various methods that you can use to minimize the amount of metadata in your Word documents. Whenever you create, open, or save a Word document, it creates metadata. Metadata is used for a variety of purposes to enhance the editing, viewing, filing, and retrieval of Office documents. Here are some examples of […]

How to Print Out MS Office Keyboard Shortcuts

Ever forgotten your keyboard shortcuts? This often happens if you haven’t used them for a while or changed computers. The best thing to do is print out a list of all shortcuts on your machine. It’s very easy: Go to File, Print. In the Print What drop-down menu, select Key Assignments.  

How to Preview MS Word Docs Instead of Opening Files

Microsoft Word’s preview tool lets you view the contents of a document WITHOUT having to open it. This is a terrific time saver, especially if all you want to do is look at the cover sheet of a large document.  From the File menu, click Open. Instead of opening the file, click the Views menu […]

MS Word Quick Launch

Want to automatically open the last document you worked on? This will save you time from having to go to the File menu and opening the document every time. Right-click on an empty part of the desktop. Select New, Create Shortcut. In the ‘Type location of the item’ box, paste the following command. For Word […]

How to Change Icons in MS Word Toolbar

MS Word lets you change and edit the icons on the toolbar. Right-click onto an empty area of the toolbar and select Customize. Right-click on the icon you want to change. Select either ‘Change button image’ or ‘Edit button image’. Select a different icon or use the options to change its color and layout.

[How To] Return to the last Edit in MS Word

If you write a lot of documents, it’s easy to forget where you made your last edits. Instead of trying to find the last word you changed, you can use the Go Back feature. This automatically returns you to the last word you changed before the document was saved. To return to the last edit […]