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Quark/IBM to Bring DITA to the Masses

Quark and IBM Enterprise Content Management are to accelerate the adoption of XML by integrating Quark XML Author with IBM FileNet Content Manager. By eliminating barriers previously associated with the creation of DITA-based XML, Quark makes it possible for any IBM FileNet Content Manager user working in Microsoft® Word to author intelligent content that can […]

May Release for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 is set to be released in May. This is a free update for existing customers of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. It improves compatibility with RED cameras, offering more control over RAW settings when used in conjunction with an updated RED plug-in, available in May from RED.com. It also includes […]

How to Start a Career in Technical Writing

Ivan Walsh gives some advise on how start a career in tech writing over on his site. “Technical writing has proven to be a very lucrative field in the last ten years with many contractors earning well over 100k per year. As discipline continues to gain recognition, there are increasing opportunities for motivated individuals to […]

How much do Technical Writers earn?

How much can I make as a Technical Writer? I get asked this question by students considering moving into this field or tech writers who want to compare their earnings with their peers. To put potential career earnings into perspective, oDesk reports that freelance writing jobs, including technical writing, business writing, and article writing, have […]

What skills do Technical Writers need the most?

The UK recruitment site, itjobswatch.coc.uk, adds that for the 6 months to 17 April 2009, IT jobs within the UK that cited Technical Writer in their job title mentioned the following IT skills in order of popularity. A quick glance at this list shows us the popularity of Adobe and Microsoft tools, especially FrameMaker, Visio […]

How To Use ‘Draft Fonts’ to Open MS Word Faster

Turn on the Draft font option to load documents faster. This also improves the screen display of documents which have complex formatting and graphics. This option is available only in Normal view. To turn on the Draft font option, follow these steps:  On the View menu, click Normal.  On the Tools menu, click Options, and […]

[How To] Turn off Automatic Spelling & Grammar Check in MS Word

By default, Word automatically checks spelling and grammar as you write your document. It displays any errors it finds as wavy and green red underlines. While they have their value, these can adversely affect your computer’s performance as they continually demand memory. To turn off automatic spelling and grammar checking:  On the Tools menu, click […]

[How To ] Use the Background Saves Option in MS Word

By default, the Allow background saves option is turned on in Word. This allows you to continue working in Word while a document is being saved. However, this eats up system memory. If you want to conserve resources, turn off this option. To turn Allow background saves off, follow these steps:  On the Tools menu, […]