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How to Turn off ScreenTips in MS Word

You may have noticed that when you mouse-over some items in Word, such as comments, or hyperlinks, a short description appears. These are known as ScreenTips. You may find that if you turn off these, Word’s performance improves.  To turn off ScreenTips, follow these steps: Click Tools, Options, and then the View tab.  Click to […]

[How To] Print a Block Of Text in MS Word

Instead of printing the entire document, you can tell MS Word to print only a section. You have many options when printing in Word. As well as printing the current page only, or a range of pages, you can also tell Word to print an area in the document only. Word calls this a ‘selection.’ […]

[How To] Remove Duplicate Words and Phrases in MS Word

What’s the simplest way to remove duplicate words and phrases in MS Word documents? For example, when writing long documents, or writing a report during the week, it’s easy to get ‘snowblind’ and end up repeating text without knowing it. Luckily there is a way to check that these repetitions don’t creep into your document. To […]