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How to create your first Word template

How do I get Word to open with my favourite font and the exact size that I want refer to use?
The easiest way to do this is to create a new template. It’s very easy. A template lets you create your own custom settings and get straight into writing your docs without having to waste time select fonts, sizes, heading and what not. Here is how it works.

How to Change the Background Color in MS Word Documents

The bright white text area of most word processors can become a quite tiring on the eyes after a few hours. You can of course jiggle the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor but a far better solution is to give your blank pages a light grey tint.  Open Word so that you can […]

The Right Way to Count Words in MS Word (using Shortcuts)

If you want to know how many words there are in a paragraph, or block of copy, select the text and click on Word Count. To create a keyboard shortcut to Word Count: From the Tools menu, click Customize. Select the Command tab and highlight Tools in the list of Categories. Scroll down the list […]

How to Add Line Numbers to Reports

You can make it easier for people to find information in your Word document by adding lines. These run down the left hand side of the page. Instead of saying something is on page 5, paragraph 3, just tell them the line it’s on. Microsoft Word can automatically count the lines in a document and […]

[How To] Create Subscript Text in MS Word

Want to add subscript text to your MS Word document? You’ve come to the right place, friend. Here’s the skinny: 1. Select the text that you want to format as Subscript. 2. Click Format, Font, and then the Font tab. 3. Select the Subscript checkbox. Keyboard shortcut: Press CTRL+=

Why doesn’t Page X of Y work in MS Word

There are several reasons why this can happen. To complicate matters, different versions of Word all seem to present their own unique problems. Rather than go through them all, here is solution that I found works the best. In Word, go to View and click Header and Footer. This opens the Header work-area. Click inside […]