Why ‘Picture Placeholders’ Open MS Word Docs Faster

Use the Picture placeholders option if your document has lots of graphics. When you turn on this option it displays an empty white box in place of the graphic. This loads the document faster and let your scroll quicker. To use the Picture placeholders option, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, click Options, and […]

[How to] Turn off the Startup Task Pane in MS Word

Follow these steps to prevent the task pane from opening automatically when you start Word 2003. The startup pane is the pane that’s displayed in the right-hand side of the screen when you start Word. To turn off the Startup Task Pane, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click View. Clear […]

How to Turn On (and Off ) MS Word Automatic Language Settings

How do you turn on (or off) MS Word’s Automatic Language Settings? If you’re writing with more than one language in a document, Microsoft Word can automatically detect each language type as you write. Automatic Language Settings – Turn On To setup this feature: Click Tools, Language, and then Set Language. Select the Detect language automatically […]

How to Write Business Rules Documents

One area where many Business Consultants get tripped up is confusing Business Rules and Business Requirements. We looked at how to write Business Requirements last week, so let’s look at what Business Rules and Business Requirements have in common and where they differ. Business Requirements – Excel Template Difference Between Business Rules and Business Requirements? […]

How To Create Conditional Images In Microsoft Word

You can put Conditional Images in Microsoft Word documents, so that when a user performs one action, an image appears. This saves you having to create two pieces of text for each condition. Why Create Conditional Images In Microsoft Word Let’s say you have a User Guide and you want to show different images depending […]