[How To] Add Diagonal Lines to Tables in MS Word

To add diagonal lines to tables in MS Word, follow these steps: Click inside the table you want to modify. From the Format menu, click Borders and Shading. From the Apply To box, select Paragraph, Cell, or Table.   4. Click the lower left button (highlighted in red above) to add a diagonal line.    

[How To] Save ‘Filtered’ HTML in MS Word

Filtered HTML is a special type of HTML where Word-specific functions have been removed from your document. This is very useful when you want to create a webpage with ‘clean’ code as web pages created from Word don’t always work correctly when viewed in non-Microsoft browsers. The reason for this is that when you save […]

2 Ways to Reduce Large MS Word Documents

Question:  I have a very large Word document with many large bitmaps. However, even when I delete the bitmaps, and reinsert a number of smaller images, the file size remains the same as when the bitmaps were in the document. How can I reduce the file size? Answer:  Use Save As, which wipes out the ‘document […]

When to use Must v Shall in Business Requirements

Do you use the word “shall” in everyday speech? Can you tell the difference between “shall” and “will”? In what context should you use each word? Anyone whose job involves writing requirements, proposals, or legal text will have encountered this dilemma. From where I’m sitting, shall is dated and, in many case, used incorrectly. But […]

[Checklist] 10 Points When Selecting Technical Writing Tools

Technical writing is simple but the tools can be difficult. If you’re new to technical writing, it can be difficult to know which software to buy for your Tech Docs dept. In this checklist, we look at some of the criteria you need to consider. 10 Points When Selecting Technical Writing Tools Some points to […]

How to Create an Index in MS Word

For technical writers, a well-crafted index helps organize your material, in particular when you get to the production stage. By creating an index, you can manage the overall document more easily, retrieve topics faster, and update sections more accurately. In contrast, if you did not create an index, you would have to trawl through the […]

How to Update Microsoft Word Templates

In Microsoft Word, you get a free set of templates for many everyday business situations. You can modify these templates in a few simple steps. In this exercise, we will change the Memo template’s font type and size. On my PC, the Microsoft templates are located in C:Program filesMicrosoft OfficeTemplates. The Memo template on my […]