How to Remove the Names of Previous Authors

Word stores the names of the last 10 people who worked on a document. This feature is hardwired into Word. You can’t turn it off. Luckily, there is a trick. Save the document to another format, such as RTF, which does not capture this information.  Word deletes all information about the Author when it saves […]

[How To] Remove Routing Slip Information When Email Documents

If you use a routing slip when emailing a document, the routing information may be attached to the document. To remove this information from the document, save the document in a format that does not retain routing slip information, such as RTF (Rich Text Format) or HTML. Close the document, and then reopen the new […]

[How To] Remove the Template Name in MS Word

All documents created in Word are based on a template. Its path and name are stored in the document’s properties.  To view the template name and location, follow these steps: Click File, Properties and select the Summary tab. Even if you do not send the template with the document, the document retains the name and location […]

[How To] Remove Old File Versions from MS Word

Word’s file version feature lets you save multiple versions of the same document in the same file. You can delete older versions of the document in order to reduce the file size. To delete one or more versions of a document, follow these steps: On the File menu, click Versions.  Select the version of the […]

[How To] Remove Hyperlinks in MS Word using Visual Basic

Documents may contain hyperlinks to other documents or web pages. Hyperlinks typically appear as blue underlined text strings.To manually delete a single hyperlink from a document, right-click the hyperlink, point to Hyperlink on the shortcut menu, and then click Remove Hyperlink. If you want to delete all hyperlinks in a document, you can use a […]

[How To] Search and Remove Hidden Text in MS Word

In Word documents, it is possible to format text as hidden. Because hidden text can contain information you may not want to distribute, you may want to unhide and remove it.  To remove all hidden text in a document, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, click Options and select the View tab. Click to […]

[How To] Turn Off Fast Saves in MS Word

The Fast Saves feature automates the process of saving a document. In theory, this sounds great. However, as well as saving any changes to the document, it also retains any text that you’ve ‘deleted’ from a document. This partly explains why documents that use fast save can bloat to very large file sizes. If you […]

[How To] Remove Revision Marks

Documents can contain revision marks, which allow you to determine who makes specific changes to a document. When you accept or reject revision marks, the revised text is saved in the document, and the revision marks are removed.  To accept or reject revisions, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, point to Track Changes and […]