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Using Paint to take Great Screenshots

There are many great products for taking screenshots out there. Snagit is the one I’d recommend most.  However, if you’re on a tight budget, you may have to make do with Paint, which comes pre-installed with Windows.  Paint is a very under-rated product and comes with more features that you’d probably expect. If you learn […]

How To Write Headings and Headlines

The earliest memory I have of writing is producing a very long and serious essay on Hamlet. I managed to write eight pages. The teacher wanted 2000 words – minimum. So, we all churned out hundreds and hundreds of words. Did anyone read it? Probably not. Maybe you wrote something like it too. Do you […]

How to Write a Report?

To succeed as a report writer, you need to appreciate the mindset of your readers. Report writing is very specific. It’s there to help people make decisions. When you understand this, your approach to writing repots becomes much simpler. Instead of writing reams and reams of pages, you focus on the reader’s needs. Report writing […]

How To Write The Case Study in Five Days

An in-depth tutorial is beyond the scope of this newsletter, but the main points are: Show the client examples of high-quality case studies. They don’t even have to be yours. But you need to paint a picture so they understand what you’ll need from them to make this work. Ask them what they like, dislike, […]

How to Write a Report in 30 Minutes

The ability to write a compelling report is highly-valued in the business world. For those involved in project management or decision-making process, understanding how to produce a report is essential if they want to advance. However, for most people, the idea of simply having to write another report brings on indigestion. What is it that […]

How to Scope Project Size

One of the classic mistakes novice writers make is to start writing without looking at the overall picture. Planning the scope of your project is key to its overall successful.  So, before you start writing, identify everything involved in the development of the project. By the way, this applies to any type of project, whether […]

Creating a New Style

To create a new style, follow these steps:  From the Format menu, choose Style and Formatting, and then click New Style.  In the Name box, enter a name for the style, for example, Paragraph Text.  In the Style type box, choose Paragraph. In the Style Based on box, select No Style. If you base it […]

How to Copy Text and Graphics from PDF Files into Word

To copy text from a PDF file into Word: Open the PDF file.  On the Tools menu, click Select Text.  Select the text you want to copy (or click Edit, Select All to select the entire file).  Click Copy on the Edit menu.  In Word, click where you want to paste and click Edit, Paste. […]

[How To] Add Spacing Between Cells in MS Word Tables

Spacing gives a table some space to breath. Words and figures stand out more. Without it, data can get very cluttered and hard to read as it all appears to be cramped together. To add spacing between cells, follow these steps: Select the table. Click Table Properties and then select the Options button. Click the […]