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How to Change the Background Color in MS Word Documents

The bright white text area of most word processors can become a quite tiring on the eyes after a few hours. You can of course jiggle the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor but a far better solution is to give your blank pages a light grey tint.  Open Word so that you can […]

The Right Way to Count Words in MS Word (using Shortcuts)

If you want to know how many words there are in a paragraph, or block of copy, select the text and click on Word Count. To create a keyboard shortcut to Word Count: From the Tools menu, click Customize. Select the Command tab and highlight Tools in the list of Categories. Scroll down the list […]

[How To] Automatically Insert ‘Boilerplate’ Text in MS Word

If you frequently need to insert a word, line or block of text into MS Word documents you can easily automate the process with a simple keyboard shortcut.  Highlight the text and press Alt + F3, to create an AutoText entry, then give it a name or accept the default that appears in the dialog […]