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MS Word 2010: Is the new Find better or worse?

In the new version of Word 2010, there is a new ‘integrated flavor of the Find feature’. Scott Walker, Lead Program Manager, for Microsoft Word explains that ‘Rather than a modeless dialog box that jumps about on the screen to get out of the way, the basic Find experience now sits conveniently at the top […]

How to Fix MS Word Startup Problems

Over the years Microsoft Word has crashed on me several times. What’s interesting is that the error message I get tend to vary but the result it always the same – I can’t get Word to start. Here are some common error messages, the reason why they appear, and what you can do to re-start […]

How To Change Sentences To Uppercase, Lowercase, or BLOCK

What’s the quickest way to change an entire sentence to Uppercase, lowercase, or BLOCK LETTERS? Here’s how you do it. Select the sentence you want to change. Hold down the Shift key. Press F3. Each time you press F3 it will change the upper, lower or block case, like this. F3, Everything is in block […]

How to Reduce Large MS Word Files – Part 1

Ever had your Microsoft Word file explode from 1MB to 10MB in just a few minutes? In the tech writing world, Microsoft Word tends to get a bad rap. One of the arguments put against Word is that its fairly unstable and prone to creating ‘horrors’, such as bloating in size until your (Microsoft!) operating system […]