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Why ‘Picture Placeholders’ Open MS Word Docs Faster

Use the Picture placeholders option if your document has lots of graphics. When you turn on this option it displays an empty white box in place of the graphic. This loads the document faster and let your scroll quicker. To use the Picture placeholders option, follow these steps: On the Tools menu, click Options, and […]

[How To] Insert the Document Name in MS Word’s Header or Footer

If you write for a living, you’ll want your documents to look at professional as possible. I use the Header and Footer section to include content that makes the document look more professional, have more use to the reader, and ultimately makes my material look better than other writers.

[How To] Insert Your Chapter & Paragraph Titles into MS Word’s Footer

I use the Header and Footers in my documents to add information that helps readers navigate through the report, see when it was written, and also its date, status, and page count.

You can add an incredible amount of information into the Header and Footers. Here are some ways to add in the Document Title, for instance, My Shiny New Annual Report, into the footer.

How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word

  Want to know how to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word? In MS Word you can assign frequently used commands to a keyboard shortcut. To create a shortcut, follow these steps: 1. Right-click in the toolbar area. 2. Select Customize and click the Keyboard button. 3. To auto fix a table’s content, highlight Table […]

How to Add Commands to MS Word Toolbar

Instead of using field codes to add filenames and file paths to your document, you can setup Word so that it displays these in the toolbar. You can then add these links to any page in an open document. Right-click on the toolbar. Select Customize and then the Commands tab. Scroll down the Categories list […]

[Tutorial] How to Create a Macro in MS Word 2007

One of the hidden features in Microsoft Word is macros. These are small mini-programs that you can create to automate tasks, for example, formatting a document, changing the layout or updating styles. What is a macro? A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish […]