Does your writing pass the 5 second test?

Skimmers are likely to spend 20 seconds or less skimming a document to decide whether or not to read it more carefully. Skim your document for 20 seconds, and mark what stands out most to you in that amount of time. After you are finished, see if what you have marked is able to convey your … [Read more...]

How to Recover Lost Files in Word 2003/2007

Have you ever lost a Microsoft Word file and tried to find it? You know it’s there but where is it? Want to find where it is? Here's how to do it. How Microsoft Word saves files When you write a Microsoft Word document it creates a temporary file (.tmp) that saves your file as you work. … [Read more...]

[How To] Scroll down Technical Documents Automatically in MS Word

You can configure Word to automatically scroll down a document. This can be very useful for reading long documents, or when giving presentations. To turn of the auto scroll, follow these steps: Click Customize on the Tools menu. In the Commands tab, scroll down and highlight 'All … [Read more...]

How to create Absolute and Relative Links in Word 2007/2003 documents

MS Word automatically creates a hyperlink when you type the address of an Web page into a document. This happens only if you have not turned off the automatic formatting of hyperlinks functionality. If you want, you can also create customized hyperlinks to documents, for example, to a shared … [Read more...]

[Tutorial] How to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in MS Word

You can use Microsoft Word to attach cascading style sheets (CSS) to your web pages. Cascading style sheets are text files which control the formatting of web pages. There work just like templates. Inside the CCS file, you can define how the headings should look, indentations for the bullet … [Read more...]

How to Minimize the Ribbon in Word 2007

The Ribbon, which is now part of Microsoft Word 2007’s user interface, is supposed to help you find commands more quickly. Some people find it annoying and want to turn it off or, at least, minimize it. Here’s what to do. To minimize the Ribbon: Double-click the name of the active tab. For … [Read more...]

Download the Word 2003 to Word 2007 Interactive Command Reference Guide

You can now download the Word 2003 to Word 2007 Interactive Command Reference Guide. To install this download: Download the file by clicking the Download button and saving the file to your hard disk. Double-click wd2003_2007CmdRef.exe to start the setup program. Follow the instructions … [Read more...]

How to Fix Damaged & Corrupt Word 2007 Documents – Part 1

This article describes how to identify a damaged document in Microsoft Office Word 2007. It also includes steps that explain how to recover the text contained in a document. Step 1: Determine the template used by the document Open the document in Word 2007. Click the Microsoft Office Button, … [Read more...]

How to remove margin marks in Word 2003

Before you start, make sure that the Text boundaries option in Word is not selected. FWIW: these steps worked at the time of writing but (as you may know) things change with Microsoft applications, so you may have to experiment a little. To do this, follow these steps: Start Word 2003. On the … [Read more...]

How to use Crop Marks in Microsoft Word

When you open a document in Microsoft Word, margin marks or crop marks may appear on each corner of the page. Crop marks are markers that appear in the top left and right of your Microsoft Word documents. These are called ‘crop marks’. To remove these, you have to disable Asian language support. … [Read more...]