How to Change the Background Color in MS Word Documents

The bright white text area of most word processors can become a quite tiring on the eyes after a few hours. You can of course jiggle the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor but a far better solution is to give your blank pages a light grey tint.  Open Word so that you can judge the … [Read more...]

How to Create Giant-Sized Fonts in MS Word

In Word, if you go to the Font Size drop-down menu, the largest value shown is 72 point. However, to get whatever font size you like - up to 999.5 points - just type in the number and Word will update the font size. Try it! … [Read more...]

How to Resize Fonts in Word 2003

To increase or decrease the font size in a Word document, follow these steps: … [Read more...]

‘Find and Replace’ power searches in MS Word

What’s the quickest way to delete text?  Forget the backspace or delete keys. Instead, try this: Select the block of text you want to delete and CONTINUE TYPING. Word automatically deletes the text when you start to type.  … [Read more...]

How to print body text before header & footers

This quick trick lets you print out the body text before the headers and footers. … [Read more...]

How to Resize Fonts in Word 2003

To increase or decrease the font size in a Word document, follow these steps: … [Read more...]

How to Copy and Paste from Web into MS Word without Crashing

Has your computer crashed when you tried to copy and paste text from a website into a Word document? This happens when the webpage has lots of underlying HTML code that Word tries to digest when importing the content. Even though you might only want the raw text, Word will try to import the … [Read more...]

Software Testing Solution for E-Learning

Indian software development firm, QA InfoTech, has identified that most e-learning agencies do not go through the performance testing or security testing services. The software development industry is heavily dependant on the software testing services, and is necessary to avoid errors and issues … [Read more...]

Print Books in Word with ClickBook

ClickBook lets you print customized day planner pages, wallet booklets, church bulletins, brochures, greeting cards, posters, business cards, flipbooks, catalogs, banners, microfiche, CD covers and more from Internet, Windows, or CD-Rom files! You can use ClickBook to scale and rotate digital … [Read more...]

Get SharePoint Designer 2007 for Free

You can now download SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2007 for free as MS have decided to phase out the product. Formerly known as MS Frontpage, this is a very powerful HTML editor and worth the download. To get an idea, check out the video to learn more about details and future direction Office SharePoint … [Read more...]