Does your writing pass the 5 second test?

Skimmers are likely to spend 20 seconds or less skimming a document to decide whether or not to read it more carefully. Skim your document for 20 seconds, and mark what stands out most to you in that amount of time. After you are finished, see if what you have marked is able to convey your … [Read more...]

How To Update the Table of Contents in MS Word 2007

JP asks, ‘How do I add fields to the Table of Contents in Microsoft Word 2007?’ While this is easy to do in Microsoft Word 2003, it is not so obvious in Word 2007. How to update the TOC: Add a new Chapter Heading to your user guide Or Copy and Paste an existing heading Rename the … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Avoid Corrupting Microsoft Word Documents

Here are three reasons why Word documents become corrupted. 1. Round-tripping One of the main causes of document corruption is when a document is converted from one format to another and back repeatedly. Word to RTF to Word or Word to Excel and back into Word. This is called round-tripping. It … [Read more...]

[Tutorial] How to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in MS Word

You can use Microsoft Word to attach cascading style sheets (CSS) to your web pages. Cascading style sheets are text files which control the formatting of web pages. There work just like templates. Inside the CCS file, you can define how the headings should look, indentations for the bullet … [Read more...]

How to Stop Microsoft Word From Crashing Business Documents – Part 1

Post by Ivan Walsh. Follow me on Twitter. If your Microsoft Word files suddenly become huge and start crashing, here’s one way to fix it. Sometimes Microsoft Word files explode from 1 to 10MB in a few minutes? I've creating some very large business proposals in Microsoft Word and learnt a few … [Read more...]

How to Fix MS Word Startup Problems

Over the years Microsoft Word has crashed on me several times. What’s interesting is that the error message I get tend to vary but the result it always the same – I can’t get Word to start. Here are some common error messages, the reason why they appear, and what you can do to re-start Word. 9 … [Read more...]

How to Open Word 2007 in earlier versions of MS Office

If you use MS Office XP, MS Office 2002/2003 and you want to open documents created in Office 2007 formats, you must install the Office Compatibility Pack. It's free to download from Microsoft and easy to install. Download and install Compatibility Pack You need to install the Microsoft Office … [Read more...]

How to Fix Damaged & Corrupt Word 2007 Documents – Part 1

This article describes how to identify a damaged document in Microsoft Office Word 2007. It also includes steps that explain how to recover the text contained in a document. Step 1: Determine the template used by the document Open the document in Word 2007. Click the Microsoft Office Button, … [Read more...]

How to Resize Fonts in Word 2003

To increase or decrease the font size in a Word document, follow these steps: … [Read more...]

‘Find and Replace’ power searches in MS Word

What’s the quickest way to delete text?  Forget the backspace or delete keys. Instead, try this: Select the block of text you want to delete and CONTINUE TYPING. Word automatically deletes the text when you start to type.  … [Read more...]