3 x MS Word Grammar, Writing, and Proofing Tools

Looking for proofing tools for MS Office? Need better grammar checker, thesaurus, or hyphenation tools for your documents? One of the difficulties with MS Office, especially Word, is that the proofing tools for spellchecking, grammar, and writing are a bit limited. That's the bad news. The … [Read more...]

How to Force MS Word Spellchecker to Accept ‘Non-US Spellings’

There are two problems with the spellchecker in Microsoft Word. One is that it struggles to accept words which are not in its dictionary, even when it appears you’ve asked it to accept this word. The second is that, in some documents, you may need to use several languages. For example, if you … [Read more...]

Forcing the Spell Checker to Accept Non-US Spellings

Question: A friend told me that Word 2003 accepts standardize and standardise as correct spellings in the same document. He wants to avoid the American spellings as his doc is going to a UK company. Answer: If you look at Word 'under the hood' you'll see that it is made up of different sections. … [Read more...]