[How To] Fix Corrupt MS Word Files

This tutorial explains how to retrieve information from Microsoft Word documents that may have become corrupt. We have provided as many screenshots as possible to show you the steps you need to take. Let’s start. How to Fix a Corrupted Document There are several ways to try to correct a corrupted … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Avoid Corrupting Microsoft Word Documents

Here are three reasons why Word documents become corrupted. 1. Round-tripping One of the main causes of document corruption is when a document is converted from one format to another and back repeatedly. Word to RTF to Word or Word to Excel and back into Word. This is called round-tripping. It … [Read more...]

How to Stop MS Word Files From Crashing

Post by Ivan. Follow me on Twitter. Is there anything worse than writing Standard Operating Procedures  all afternoon and then… Word crashes! If your Microsoft Word files suddenly become huge and start crashing, here’s one way to fix it. I've creating some very large SOPs in Microsoft Word and … [Read more...]

How to Fix Damaged & Corrupt Word 2007 Documents – Part 2

This article provides advanced Troubleshooting steps if your damaged document still does not open. It describes how to identify a damaged document and how to recover the text contained in a document. Method 1: Open the damaged document in draft mode without updating links Step 1: Configure Word … [Read more...]

How to create your first Word template

How do I get Word to open with my favorite font and the exact size that I want refer to use? The easiest way to do this is to create a new template. It’s very easy. A template lets you create your own custom settings and get straight into writing your docs without having to waste time select fonts, … [Read more...]

5 Things to do if Microsoft Word won’t Print your Images

There are several reasons why Word won’t print out the images you have inserted. Mostly it is to do with memory or field codes that print out rather than the actual image the field code refers to. These are the 5 most common reasons Microsoft Word may be doing this. I have also added solutions on … [Read more...]

How to Fix MS Word After It Crashes

Many of Word’s problems are related to the Normal.dot file. This is the master template behind Word. When you start Word, this is the file that determines the page layout, fonts, styles and so on. … [Read more...]

5 workarounds if MS Word won’t print images

There are a couple of reasons Microsoft Word may be doing this. 1. You might be printing in Draft mode. To print the borders and graphics in the document, click Options on the Tools menu, click the Print tab, and then clear the Draft output check box. Try now. 2. Check that the Drawing objects … [Read more...]