How to go to the End of a MS Word document automatically

There are two ways you can go to the end of a Word document. The first is to use a keyboard shortcut and the second is to create a macro. There are pros and cons of each approach. Here’s how to do it. Using Keyboard - Go to end of MS Word document If you want to go directly to the end of a … [Read more...]

How To Create Conditional Images In Microsoft Word

You can put Conditional Images in Microsoft Word documents, so that when a user performs one action, an image appears. This saves you having to create two pieces of text for each condition. Why Create Conditional Images In Microsoft Word Let's say you have a User Guide and you want to show … [Read more...]

[Tutorial] How to Create a Macro in MS Word 2007

One of the hidden features in Microsoft Word is macros. These are small mini-programs that you can create to automate tasks, for example, formatting a document, changing the layout or updating styles. What is a macro? A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a … [Read more...]

[How To] Avoid Getting a Macro Virus in MS Word

A macro virus may use Word’s macro programming language (VBA) to spread itself through your computer, infecting all your Word files. Macro viruses infect Word documents, templates, and other programs that uses a programming language. Here's how you can reduce the likelihood of getting a macro … [Read more...]