How to Change the Background Color in MS Word Documents

The bright white text area of most word processors can become a quite tiring on the eyes after a few hours. You can of course jiggle the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor but a far better solution is to give your blank pages a light grey tint.  Open Word so that you can judge the … [Read more...]

How to Compare Fonts in MS Word

If you are constantly fussing over fonts for your documents then there's a very handy feature in Windows that allows you to quickly compare typefaces according to style and design. … [Read more...]

How to Fix MS Word After It Crashes

Many of Word’s problems are related to the file. This is the master template behind Word. When you start Word, this is the file that determines the page layout, fonts, styles and so on. … [Read more...]

[How To] Delete Crop Marks in MS Word 2003 / 2007

When you open a document in Microsoft Word, margin marks or crop marks may appear on each corner of the page. Crop marks are markers that appear in the top left and right of your Microsoft Word documents. These are called ‘crop marks’. To remove these, you have to disable Asian language … [Read more...]

[How To] Change the Default List of Documents in MS Word

Let's say you want to change how Word 2007 list its different options. You can change the way Word displays these options and specify document settings such as editing, printing, spelling and grammar, and change tracking in the Options dialog box. Here's how it works: 1. On the Tools menu, … [Read more...]

How to Copy and Paste from Web into MS Word without Crashing

Has your computer crashed when you tried to copy and paste text from a website into a Word document? This happens when the webpage has lots of underlying HTML code that Word tries to digest when importing the content. Even though you might only want the raw text, Word will try to import the … [Read more...]

How to Minimize Metadata in Microsoft Word 2000 Documents

This article explains various methods that you can use to minimize the amount of metadata in your Word documents. Whenever you create, open, or save a Word document, it creates metadata. Metadata is used for a variety of purposes to enhance the editing, viewing, filing, and retrieval of Office … [Read more...]