How to Recover Lost Files in Word 2003/2007

Have you ever lost a Microsoft Word file and tried to find it? You know it’s there but where is it? Want to find where it is? Here's how to do it. How Microsoft Word saves files When you write a Microsoft Word document it creates a temporary file (.tmp) that saves your file as you work. … [Read more...]

[How To] Fix Corrupt MS Word Files

This tutorial explains how to retrieve information from Microsoft Word documents that may have become corrupt. We have provided as many screenshots as possible to show you the steps you need to take. Let’s start. How to Fix a Corrupted Document There are several ways to try to correct a corrupted … [Read more...]

How To Count the Number of Words in Footnotes

Yesterday, we showed you how to count the number of words in your documents. To do this, we used Microsoft Word’s Word Count tool to count the text. But, how about if you want to go a bit deeper and count the number of words in footers, headers, or footnotes? Where is the Word Counter? This … [Read more...]

How To Count the Number of Words in MS Word Documents

If you want to know how many words are in your document, then use the Microsoft Word Word Count tool to count them for you. How To Count Words In MS Word This free tool is built into Microsoft Word, but you may have it turned off on your menu settings. I had and I didn't know where it was until I … [Read more...]

[How To] Insert the Document Name in MS Word’s Header or Footer

On Monday, I showed you how to add a Chapter Heading to your Microsoft Word documents. The nice thing about this is that it shows the reader where they are in the document at any give time. That is very effective in long technical and financial documents, such as Business Plans, where the reader … [Read more...]

[How To] Insert Your Chapter & Paragraph Titles into MS Word’s Footer

I use the Header and Footers in my documents to add information that helps readers navigate through the report, see when it was written, and also its date, status, and page count. You can add an incredible amount of information into the Header and Footers. Here are some ways to add in the … [Read more...]

How to Batch Process Images

How do you convert 100 images to same file format, add a 1 pixel black border, and make them all the same size? … [Read more...]

[How To] Avoid Getting a Macro Virus in MS Word

A macro virus may use Word’s macro programming language (VBA) to spread itself through your computer, infecting all your Word files. Macro viruses infect Word documents, templates, and other programs that uses a programming language. Here's how you can reduce the likelihood of getting a macro … [Read more...]

How to Minimize the Ribbon in Word 2007

The Ribbon, which is now part of Microsoft Word 2007’s user interface, is supposed to help you find commands more quickly. Some people find it annoying and want to turn it off or, at least, minimize it. Here’s what to do. To minimize the Ribbon: Double-click the name of the active tab. For … [Read more...]

How to ‘Zoom’ in and out of MS Word Documents

You know the feeling. You’ve been working hard on the computer all day. It gets hard to read anything. You could change the text size by using the Zoom control’s drop-down menu on the Toolbar… but even that’s too much hard work.  … [Read more...]