How do I turn off Automatic Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word?

If you don't want MS Word adding links automatically to your document - which you then have to unlink - then read this tutorial. One of the most annoying things in Microsoft Word is that is creates hyperlinks, when you don’t want it to do so. This is an automatic setting turned on by default. … [Read more...]

How to Remove Hidden Text in MS Word

In Word documents, it is possible to format text as hidden. Because hidden text can contain information you may not want to distribute, you may want to unhide and remove it. To remove all of the text in a document that is formatted as hidden, perform the following steps: On the Tools menu, click … [Read more...]

How to find the AutoFormat feature in Word 2007?

I used to use the AutoFormat feature all the time in Word 2003. Last month I ‘upgraded’ to Word 2007 and have had a very hard time of it. You can tell from my mangled grammar, I guess. The fact is that AutoFormat, which was part of Microsoft Office 2003, is not included in the 2007 Microsoft … [Read more...]