How to Preview MS Word Docs Instead of Opening Files

Microsoft Word’s preview tool lets you view the contents of a document WITHOUT having to open it. This is a terrific time saver, especially if all you want to do is look at the cover sheet of a large document.  From the File menu, click Open. Instead of opening the file, click the Views … [Read more...]

MS Word Quick Launch

Want to automatically open the last document you worked on? This will save you time from having to go to the File menu and opening the document every time. Right-click on an empty part of the desktop. Select New, Create Shortcut. In the ‘Type location of the item’ box, paste the … [Read more...]

How to Create Greek Dummy Text in MS Word

Use the =rand(x,y) trick to create dummy text or go to and get dummy text there.  FYI: if you're going to use this on a regular basis, save it as an AutoText entry.    … [Read more...]

When to use Must v Shall in Business Requirements

Do you use the word “shall” in everyday speech? Can you tell the difference between “shall” and “will”? In what context should you use each word? Anyone whose job involves writing requirements, proposals, or legal text will have encountered this dilemma. From where I’m sitting, shall is dated … [Read more...]

[Checklist] 10 Points When Selecting Technical Writing Tools

Technical writing is simple but the tools can be difficult. If you're new to technical writing, it can be difficult to know which software to buy for your Tech Docs dept. In this checklist, we look at some of the criteria you need to consider. 10 Points When Selecting Technical Writing Tools Some … [Read more...]